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The Department of Statistics offers two graduate certificates in an online format, one in Applied Statistics and Data Management and the other in Statistics Education.  Both programs are designed to provide convenient online access to the statistical training that is often required for career advancement. The application process is very simple, and a certificate will be earned by successful completion of the four courses listed below with an average GPA of at least 3.0. Note that the GRE is not required to apply, and there are no official prerequisites except for an undergraduate degree. However, applicants should demonstrate an appropriate level of mathematical maturity to allow them to succeed in the certificate program. Examples of this would include successful completion of undergraduate coursework or professional work in a quantitative field. Note that we only accept students living in North America.

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Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Management

In this certificate program, students will learn statistical methods and how to apply them in real world settings and about statistical programming techniques that are required for managing data in a typical workplace environment. The skills learned are critical in many work settings and should enable job changes within or between companies. The course requirements for this graduate certificate are listed below.

    • Statistical Methods I: ST511 (or ST513)
    • Statistical Methods II: ST512 (or ST514)
    • Statistical Programming I (Base SAS): ST555
    • Statistical Programming II (Advanced SAS): ST556

Note that some folks may already have training in SAS. Please contact us for information about substituting courses for ST555 or ST556. New in Fall 2018! ST558 – Introduction to R and Data Science. May be substituted for ST 556.

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Graduate Certificate in Statistics Education

In this certificate program, students will learn statistical concepts and methods and pedagogical techniques for teaching these statistical topics at the college (or high school) level. The emphasis of the program is on the effective use of modern technology for teaching statistics. The courses required for this graduate certificate are listed below.

    • Statistical Methods I for the Behavioral Sciences: ST507
    • Statistical Methods II for the Behavioral Sciences: ST508
    • Teaching and Learning of Statistical Thinking: ST519
    • Teaching Statistics with Technology: ST557

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Visit NC State’s Graduate Distance Education Tuition Rates page for detailed information about graduate-level tuition and fees.

The total cost estimate for each Statistics Certificate online graduate program (North Carolina residents) for 2017-2018 is $5182.56 for 12 hours of coursework.

Financial aid eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office. We encourage you to contact your financial aid advisor in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Criteria for funding is based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need, and enrollment in multiple Distance Education courses per semester. For additional information, please visit NC State’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid website, or call 919.515.2421. NC State also offers a monthly payment plan.

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  • Apply by May 10th for Summer II 2019

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NC State offers a monthly payment plan.