Justin Post: Supporting Statistics Students + Research

Last spring, we featured members of the NC State Department of Statistics who’d received recognition for their contributions to the university, their students and research in the field. One such recognition went to Justin Post, Assistant Professor and the Director of Undergraduate Research in the Department of Statistics. As a former Masters and PhD student[…] Read More

Gertrude Cox: A Pioneer in the Field of Statistics

While there are many professionals, researchers and academics who shaped the field of statistics as we know it today, some in particular influenced statistics right here at NC State. In this Statistics Online Blog, we focus on Gertrude Cox and learn more about her impact on today’s programs. Who Was Gertrude Cox? Born in 1900[…] Read More

Top 5 Questions for Online Statistics Learning

For some, taking a full educational program online seems daunting. Others think it’s the perfect solution for getting a certificate or degree while working or maintaining other commitments. Unsure of where you fall? In this month’s Statistics Online Blog, we look at the top five questions prospective students ask about online learning. The answers offer[…] Read More

A Closer Look at a SAS Programmer

In last month’s Statistics Online Blog, we focused on the career of biostatistician to learn about specific opportunities for Statistics program graduates. In this month’s blog, we look at the world of SAS Programming to learn what a programmer does and what working in this position may entail. What is SAS Programming? The term ‘SAS’[…] Read More

A Closer Look at a Biostatistician

Considering an education in Statistics, but uncertain what kind of career you might pursue? In this month’s Statistics Online Blog, we learn more about what it means to be a biostatistician. Defining Biostatistics You probably could guess what a biostatistician is by its name, but let’s look deeper into the science in which they work.[…] Read More

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