Statistics Online: Recent Faculty Awards

Many NC State programs are renowned for their academic rigor and caliber of professorship. That rings true in the Statistics Distance Education Programs, and in this month’s Statistics Online blog, we look at recent faculty awards recipients. Brian Reich, Recipient of the LeRoy & Elva Martin Teaching Award Dr. Brian Reich is a Ph.D. in[…] Read More

Bayesian Statistics: What is it and How is it Different From Other Types of Statistics?

Bayesian statistics is a very special type of probability and data analysis. In this month’s Statistics Online Blog, we talk to Dr. Brian Reich, a professor in the NC State Department of Statistics and a Bayesian statistician. After earning his Ph.D. in Biostatistics in 2005, Dr. Reich joined NC State first as a postdoc and[…] Read More

Statistics + Video Games = A Perfect Match?

You’ve got to hand it to statisticians: they find new statistics applications all the time. Statistics and data analysis infiltrate many fields today, helping us better understand our world and make more informed decisions. Take Eric Laber, Associate Professor of Statistics at NC State. Laber figured out how to combine decision-making with his love for[…] Read More

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Course Spotlight: Statistical Thinking and Big Data

As you’ve seen in our previous blog posts, statistics has many applications in many different fields. We’ve already discussed the kinds of careers that graduates of NC State Statistics programs can enjoy and this month we’re taking a look at one of the courses that specifically prepares students for success in the real world: Statistical[…] Read More

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